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With an experienced team of hobby and professional growers. PHOTONTEK brings you the premier range of world-class, dependable and elegant LED lighting fixtures, designed only with growers in mind. All PHOTONTEK LEDs offer highest market Photon Efficacy, lowest cost per µmol, World Class Diodes & Drivers, Optimized Full-Spectrum lightDetachable Driver, Fully DimmableExternal Control with PHOTONTEK Digital Controller, Interchangeable Innovative Click-Magnet LED Bars, User Friendly & Easy Set-Up, 5 Year Warranty

CenturionPro Table Top Trimmer

Hand-trimming marijuana can have varied results from person to person, but a machine produces a consistent product every time. Machine trimmed product is very uniform. In addition, quality trimming machines are adjustable to deliver a desired level of trim. Trimming machines also excel at trimming smaller flowers clusters often ignored by hand trimmers.

CYCO Nutrients

These products do not use nasty preservatives or coloring which enables our product to be manufactured using all pharmaceutical grade inputs. You may observe the color vary from green to a tea color as the product matures, this has no impact on the product and is purely cosmetic, which is something CYCO would prefer to see.

CANNA Organic Products

After years of research into soil, drainage and leaf analyses, CANNA has succeeded in being the first to develop a fertilizer that is specifically tailored to the characteristics of cocos substrates. CANNA Coco A&B is composed of high value minerals which give the plant optimum nutrient absorption.

General Hydroponics

Since they lack soil, hydroponic systems rely on nutrient solution to provide the essential elements that plants need. Unlike most commonly available plant food, hydroponic fertilizers must contain the entire spectrum of necessary elements. That makes them a robust and complete nutrient source suitable for all gardens.

Welcome to Howie’s Happy Hydroponics

Our goal is to provide you with the equipment and knowledge you need to help you create the ideal growing environment in your home or backyard — regardless of your experience our team is here to help you get the most out of your efforts! We have all the growing equipment, nutrients and supplies you need to get started, as well as professional advice to help you enjoy this great hobby and become a productive gardener.

Enjoy Healthy Produce Year-Round

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables any time of the year. With indoor gardening, you can produce all sorts of produce for your family with only a small amount of effort and education! Crops such as micro-greens can be ready to eat in as little as three weeks. For the avid outdoor gardener, starting your peppers, tomatoes and other longer season plants indoors with our systems will give you the chance to be involved from seed to plate, and save you from buying those expensive transplants in late spring.

Customer Service is our Specialty

We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, this is our passion and we love what we do! We like to try and get to know all our valued customers so we can go the extra mile for you and help you get the most out of your garden. We carry our own brand of products along with all the other names you know and trust. We would be happy to show and explain the products to you before you purchase them, and offer a great warranty should you ever have any problems with your equipment purchased at Howie’s!