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Rhizopot 3 Gal Transplanter

RhizoPot Transplanters take the headaches out of repotting your plants! The easy access root flap makes transplanting gentler on your plants and less frustrating then trying to slide out the media and root ball. The heavy duty hook and loop closure prevents accidental opening of your Rhizopot. Come transplant time, simply open the root flap for easy plant access and removal. Less stress for both you and your plants!

RhizoPot pots are made from a durable, porous, non-woven material and assembled using industrial stitching for a long-lasting, eco-friendly and reusable alternative to plastic or clay planting pots. Our pots can be laid flat or folded, considerably reducing the space required for storage.

RhizoPot fabric pots can be adapted to most home or commercial growing methods, including drip feeding, ebb and flow, wick, manual, and more.